11 thoughts on “Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of U.S. Government’s Educational and Cultural Exchanges with U.S. Embassy Addis Ababa

  1. *:-from asefa abire heme:-to USA embassy a.a.Ethiopia.
    =good,happy for *-celebrate the 7th anniversary of u.s. gov..education & cultural exchanges with
    u.s.embassy A
    ddis Ababa Ethiopia.
    *:-i love USA & USA EMBASSY !!
    from asefa abire 0916355819


  2. my country :-USA embassy :my friend.
    about good works in ethiopa.
    -thank you so !!
    -about dv 2016…?
    -iam asking for live & work in the USA..?
    -about visa & OK green card..?
    -about *my*divilopment work supports …?


  3. *:-happy new year:-program*
    1.divilopment works…
    2.education work….
    3.my house work..
    4.gift to poor’s…
    5.my pray for to ethiopa & world peace*:-&to divilopment work.
    6.in DV 2017:-live & work in US
    =:-please visit ;you can;to asefa Doro erbata project in jajura;
    p.o.box. 303. hossana ethiopa


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