My Life Experience By Eden Binega

My life is full of challenges, but challenges are not supposed to paralyze me. They are supposed to help me discover how strong I am. Joining Addis Ababa Institute of Technology (AAiT) in September 2013 in Engineering was my dream come true. During my first year, my experience didn’t meet my expectations. The teaching and learning was theoretical until I reached my third year as a Civil and Environmental Engineering student. This was a turning point where I became more interested in my profession and I started to work part-time.



Some of our instructors inspired the Civil and Environmental Engineering students at AAiT to practically implement what we were learning in our courses.  We visited several factories, industries and construction sites.  These experiences made me strong and brave enough to study harder, ask more questions, investigate, and conduct research.

I became a Gold Medalist because learning is my passion since kindergarten. My dedication and overcoming challenges were my sources of strength.  Every struggle in my life shaped me into the person I am today.  My hard times made me stronger.  Additionally, I am good at learning new things, managing time and handling obstacles.  While these three skills are not unique, being able to combine and apply them in practice made me stand out.


When I hear about a problem, what comes to my mind is finding a solution. I have been fortunate to meet several of the world’s technologists and leaders, like Bill Gates, who inspired me to identify the greatest sources of learning that would help me overcome challenges.

To my sisterhood of young women and girls, our beloved teachers told us that if it is worth doing something, it is worth doing it well. When you decide to join something – whether education, work, friendship, life experiences – make sure you do your best no matter what. If you want to see a developed Ethiopia, your hard work and dedication will have a huge impact.

Finally, I want thank God for never giving up on me, for my today, yesterday and tomorrow. And thank you to my dear family, friends, teachers and the Girls Can Code (GCC) family. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without all of you.

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